Website Builder 101 How to Create a Blog

Customize Website Builder, change stock media, upload photos, change the website theme template, edit site colors, enter Alt Text for SEO, and how to create a blog post.

the world wide web logo

Time needed: 30 minutes.

Customize Website Builder

  1. Click “Set Up”

    Website Builder will bring you to a page that asks you “What’s your industry?” and “What do we call your site?”.

    Set up website

  2. Describe Your Business

    What’s your Industry? Website Builder will automatically generate a template to get started with stock photos, Social Media, Reviews, Photo Gallery and Contact Sections.

    What's your websites business industry?

  3. Name Your Site

    What do we call your site? You can also update the name in “Settings” later if you’re unsure, Example: “The World Wide Web“.

    Website Builder, Name Your Site

  4. Change the Stock Images

    Choose from 1000’s of photos in Website Builder’s Stock Media Library or Upload your own pictures and designs. Make sure to input Alt text to describe the images for SEO.

    Upload a new image to website builder

  5. Change the Theme

    Choose a Theme Template that suits your style, then customize it how you like.

    Change them in Website Builder

  6. Change Theme Colors

    Change Colors for Buttons and Header Fonts throughout your site with a couple clicks. Click the Color Palette to find the perfect hue for your site.

    Change Website Colors, Buttons, Headers

  7. How to create a blog

    By clicking on the “+” Button above any section in the site, you can add a new section. Scroll to find “Blog”. Choose the layout that suits the aesthetics of your brand and click “Start Writing”.

    How to create a blog with Website Builder

  8. Create your first Blog Post

    Click “Create Post”. Upload a “Featured Picture” then add alt text for SEO. Name your post at the top of the picture then write your first paragraph below. Watch the Video above for a more detailed explanation.

    Website builder, Creating a blog post

  9. Attach a Domain Name

    Choose which Domain Name to use where it says “Use my domain”.
    Click “Publish” above.

    Use my domain name

  10. Review your new Website

    Check your work on both Desktop and Mobile view.

    Website Builder web and mobile view

the world wide web logo
the world wide web logo

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